Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ohhh..yeah..yesterday i got grand viva..wot i answered i dont know..but teachers appreciated me..appreciation was in such a grandiose manner, in the end i gotta confess as this article..when things are presented in a mystrical way it seems more attractive.The direct way it leads to the solution if is bent with some angle every folk accept it quickly..split it into different parts as so each derivative get its birth letter and then mix it with different sorta spices..but anyways the wavelengths should be proportional to each other..And when in the viva presentation is goin on it should include the unneccessary ingredeints so that in the end mental satisfaction each step we've to include the fundamental factors..what i ve realised if all dose maintain dere values one should be ashamed ov such vivas..wel now m relaxed cause of the confession....


  1. hey thx..wel dis is wot da bitter reality ov mah educational lyf...[:P]

  2. actually how come u r having ur grand viva in 7th sem? isnt it scheduled at the end of 8th sem??

  3. yeah u r r8..but nt dat grand viva wot u r sayin..i mean it to the VLSI grand sucks..newayz thx 4 ur concern..