Friday, October 3, 2008


Whats dere?? sumtyms very spunky..sumtyms grounded!! hey listen,,dat was a saturday morning..i bunked the classes..n was roamin over NH42...uhm was feeling like dead..the 2 days b4 i was dosed off..changing the inclination i tried to define mah lyf in a simple manner.but all was in vain. suddenly a lil sweet gal came out of the street besides the NH42 with a giggling sound,,wel see how lively!! i gave a smile unnoticedly..n walked away a bit farther frm her..mah frnd den joined me..v were supposedly goin 2 da near by road 2 gve a halt to ours bloody hectic routine lyf..again frm another street an old man came wid a reasonless smilin face.dat was unscrupulous..i started analysin him,,but da last thing wot i perceived is a blank..
hmm....walked away again...a man was bikin'...n wot v guessed,he was drunk..n dat happened even..he dashed into a tree..n v gals were njoyin da sceen ..gave a baseless smile..haaa!!! wot was goin on i was nt aware of..even mah frnd!! bt still was very relaxed coz v people were busy in irrevalant thing..sumtyms in lyf sum silly things gave us great pleasure.. wel lemme offer a riddle where u people includin' me will feel comfortable...
"Is dere ne reason 4 da happenings sorroundin u n includin u even?? if 'YES' wots da reason??"
uhmm..wel sum ov u can start wid different reasons wid da most inclusion ov fundamental pathway...wel mah uncoiled brain is always in the habit ov stickin 2 one thing..if the above mentioned "fundamental factor" is deleted one can get the reason is only the reaosn 4 existence..dats wot v gve a shape whether its "RIGHT" or "WRONG".....n keepin in mind v choose a pillar dat present ourselves..n so on the reason..c'mon ..lets recover 4m this..n gve a deep visualisation..above the universe..stare all dose sorroundin'.wid dose activities...n the comprehensive structure of those...all those happened n all dese r gonna happen r just 4 no reason....if sumbody says even 4 da survival/continual ov da world it makes no sense..coz happenings r independent ov each n every hazardous or enrichin' just happened ,,happens n will ever b!!!!!all dat wot v hve 2 do is 2 watch it, feel it n imerge in it 2 feel ourselve alive n sumtyms if u can dead......
soo lets attend da classes...n both ov us changed da path 2wards hostel road 2 make us prepare 4 so-called borin OS,EE,VLSI n den a bunked class held in da insti canteen wid da frndzz n most desired tea party....GOSH!!!!!!!!

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  1. heeyy..u sounded q8 philosophical while i was reading newaz it was a really cul piece[:)]...keep bloggin tc..