Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lately It's been an ensemble of gourmandiser's era. I tend to eat every single stuff around me. Oh No. Pardon. I meant every single eatables.Like say, 11000 cal, a day. Not exactly counting but I do. Seriously,People give that weird look where I eat & drink hideously at the corner of the cafeteria. I just binged it.Do creatures like us show activities of sudden hunger. Prader-Willi Syndrome or Binge Eating disorder it might be. No kidding, it sounds a bunch of ominous activity.It's just getting that gross that friends around me have started prying on my platter of dinner or lunch in disgust look.I know, a perfect blogpost should not be about gloating around, but spare me again. Or talking of my swimmers group or those big stars  it's well and good if you over-eat. But entire day staring at the computer screen and you eat trillion dozens of oats biscuits with another dozens of dark chocolates, when do you easily get to get over with.Anyway, sooner or later with the hope that it would go away, I Lochte-rally(read it as literally) need to stop this or may I say when People tell me What I am eating is fattening and gross, my reaction is,
'cause I will swim it off in like a day or two.
Till then I am off to munching & gobbling.

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