Friday, October 19, 2012

You Know When...

Bad Day.

Back in those days, I just found myself lying on a cold  study-room floor eating oreo cookies and full hand of amul powder at 2pm.That sixth sense movie playing in my room because I had had an awful day. The next morning while I met Madhu In office I was sure to tell her, "you know it's a bad day when..."


She got crushed for a guy who we would refer to by first, middle, and last name. It was like the popular guy in total college era,and those names were always referred to on a first and last name basis. (Like Not just Angelina. Angelina Jolie.) This guy in particular actually had quite the iconic-sounding name, and I'd write it down for all of you, except if he were to ever Google himself, he would most likely find his way to my blog. Anyway, one day she got onto the beloved-aged orkut and found out that First/Middle/Last name of the guy had just entered into a relationship for all the cyber-world to see. She somehow ended up taking a walk in the rain that night, drowning (literally) in her sorrows.Caught up with fever followed by bronchitis and then screwed up one subject in semester. You know that saying, "Eight out of nine times the guy you're getting an ulcer over is not getting an ulcer over you.So Relax!!"This is actually true. I didn't hear from her for two days. When I met her long time after her first words were, "You know it's bad when..."


Yes.One depressed morning you felt like having chicken. You made it to MG Road KFC ,which ain't open for that day till the early time. And then with all desperado mind you travel back to Karkhana road KFC and  bought a bucket of chicken.Surprisingly you ate it all.And as the time passes your soundtrack changes from Nick Drake's Cello song(That once was inspiring to lead a morale life) to Alka Yagnik's "Dil Tha yahan abhi abhi"..And then you mumble to yourself , "You know it's bad when..."

This whole post is just a ramble, really, because sometimes that's all I want to do when I have free time. I'm glad that since this time we all have been gratefully making some epic strides.

I don't know how you can survive life without laughing at yourself.We all are morons one day and for the time lets just imitate now.Here.Dig a hole in your brain.

Go On. :)

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  1. Interesting.. Arouses a feeling that I too encounter similar bad days..