Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Think...

You think breaking a leg is easy... No. I am not about to gloat about my years old breaking-leg's ligament-saga.It's real break a leg saga. Since the time I came back from Nationals swimming, I have been thinking,like a lot. How do they do?I hop in to office cab, I plug in.It's steven curtis chapman's dive till the way I make it to office.I eat and I dream of being in water..And when I am getting free time I don't just forget to bing memes.Diwali is next week.Still have not have a chance to recall those old days fighting with her and complaining at papa that she took my extra two crackers. You never know. I may repeat this time too. We are travelling home. Four of us under one roof and talking about what-nots and ma's cup of chai. And gardens basil leaves smell in the evening while she waters, may be. The very thought of home is so satisfying. I'm now hitting a wall and need a coffee despite the thought that over-dosage of coffee may fetch me my own gravitational pull.

It's a decadent, need-to-be-nowhere in morning. Life is good...!!

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