Monday, November 26, 2012

While You Were Sleeping

So this is about crazy coaches.Somedays before.It was winter and I was home and club swimming again at around 6.30am-ish.All the 18 and aboves were about to swim in a meet.That day the coach there...Let me describe how did he look and how did he react to me. I went up with my gym bag in one hand and asking,
"Coach,Could you train me up for the couple of weeks ahead. I kinda need to gear up for next meet."
He: Yes.We can get started any moment you wish.Our tariffs are all here in the board start point.Don't forget to check out.
Guys,I am going to make that secret,as it's a very known pool around here and any of you may spy on me for that matter.

Warm Up: 80 free, 80 kick, 80 pull.
Main Set: 10x10 free, 5x20 IM, 16x50 stroke.
Warm Down: Easy 30 free.
I mean I am not that a learner but not that a pro,for heaven's sake.
And it happened to be nightmare when I tried stopping in mid cause my teeth suddenly started aching and  one ligament in right leg got so stretched that I could find a weird gap between my two toes.
And then his screaming and whistle.
The whole day I was remorsed and limping around office,like in total uncordinated mood. Any of you might have marked that,My bad,I should not have made that
a scene.
I almost did not feel my feet and hands for some days after that and I ate like a mini whale.
My coach is crazy and I am funny.

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