Monday, October 1, 2012

All Spiritual @4.00AM

So October starts here,with a heavy rain and lots of thoughts.And yes with an added feature like holiday's tomorrow.It's 4 am IST, To my surprise again I and my roomie are still awake and talking about the series of stories we've come across since our 25 years.So after this hours of jobless banter,I consider myself a very analytic person. I watch people, I listen closely.I eavesdrop on the couple sitting in the booth behind me when it is obvious they are on a first date,  I read people's tattoos(Knowingly My tattoo does not symbolize I go for guitars.I still search for connection in life among various fellas tattoos.) and ponder the meaning behind them, I dissect body language, and over-analyze punctuation in text messages. This often gets me in trouble with my own thoughts, but there are the rare and special moments when I witness something so personal and amazing that it makes for  an almost cinematic moment that most people wouldn't notice.

Like today for instance, I think I stretched my ligament a little more today in the morning warm-up, so I was slowly hobbling across swimming pool area to get started with my practice. As I walked,  I saw this young man in a motorized wheel chair coming toward me on the pool walkway, he looked as though he had muscular dystrophy or some sort of paralysis. I looked down at my phone to change the song, and when I looked back up to smile at him as we crossed paths, I realized that he had disappeared from my view. I kept walking and as I came around a pillar I saw that he had pulled his wheelchair up to the steps that overlooks the swimming pool.

He was as close to the topmost steps there,as he could get, with his head slung to one side of his wheelchair's headrest, he sat and watched as the tan, fit, athletes dove beautifully into the water, swimming easily with each stride. I wondered if this was a ritual, if he watched the swim team regularly or if he just happened to be passing by. Either way, whatever the case, it was a stark comparison. This boy in the wheelchair, with shriveled muscles, trapped in a body that doesn't work even half as well as it was meant to. I slowed my pace as I watched the boy, he lifted his head from his headrest, and barely able to support his head he looked down into the blue chlorinated water that gave these athletes a hobby, a way of life, a reason to push their bodies to limits. Limits that this boy had possibly never experienced.

Their lungs breathing deep- in and out of the water, strong shoulders pushing the weight of the water away from their bodies(Talking of which, I got to know a fact today, while I was reading Phelps hands propels a more 6 ft+ circle than his height.Which is absolutely one of the miracles. ), propelling them further across the chlorinated surface. Now keep in mind that I don't know this young man, I don't know anything about his condition, how long he has been in a wheelchair, his name, or even what color his eyes are.. but I do know that today he touched me in one of these strangely cinematic ways that I referenced earlier.

He made me grateful for my body, despite the fact that my foot was throbbing and I was limping across the total area, I have a body, a body that works well and a body that is healthy.I over-read at some place that, when we die, our spirits leave our earthly bodies and will be reunited with a perfect body.  Those who struggle in this life with a disability, a mental deficiency, an imperfect body, or whatever else may be their struggle, will have the chance to walk, run, swim, think, LIVE with a new and beautiful body in the most prime and perfect form that a body and a mind can be in.Sounds lame,right.However I have been thinking about that guy lately and I am sure we should be thankful for every little and big achievement and failure of ours.

It's late like almost morning. And it's raining that heavily outside that she opened to the balcony for 2 minute-ish and it's all mosquitoes around and That defines I am gonna have to pass the rest time like total awake(I almost feel like Les Stroud-ish).Now Is the moment when I miss Pragyan singing the below song at the terrace at midnight looking at the gazillion fireworks on the mountain of the small city Dhenkanal,emphasizing with her phony voice on,
"Roshhhniiiiiii kaa koi dariyaa to hai, haan kahi pe jaroor"

PS:I did not mean to get all spiritual on you,It's just happened.Now that it happened You can sleep off to a Thanksgiving to Almighty.Amen :)


  1. Best Post ever! A script writer could be an alternate career option!

    But on second thoughts, It takes a great sense of imagination and bigger use of words to explain the way it's expressed in the blog! Bravo champion ma'am!

    1. Thanks Ankit.. I surely may get serious with writing one day of my oldage days.. Way to read your new article boss :)

  2. Replies
    1. Mani Thanks :) Where is your new post ? You're slogging day by day ..!!