Thursday, October 11, 2012


Once the Bata shoes started becoming muddy and then saturday came with white Lakhani shoes , and the sun became a little bit more orange than yellow, Saturdays weren't our favorites anymore, but Sunday nights were. Childhood is a favorite of all time in so many ways, but so many of my reasons is simply because of home. Growing up, we had our saturday morning parade, Sunday night Surabhi, Afternoon Mango feast at the backyard,Preparing for school-annual-festival,babysitting near by aunt's daughter during school days and best of all: Sunday late morning lunch like deep-fried rohu fish and boiled egg, and rice, and followed by curd.

It somehow became a tradition along the lines that the first TV Series we'd always watch together as a family during the season was Malgudi Days. It was always papa's favorite, and naturally, became one of mine too. My eyes always sting when I see the poster of that imaginary village with lots of  railway tracks zigzagging till the way your eyes can see.It just did not say so much. But I always felt so much. I still do.I still bought the book last month. Do they have Malgudi anywhere nearby. Did R K Narayan have been to such fortune of being to that place, time or he just tried to get us all stuffed hard!!


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  1. Yaadein,
    Khatti Meethi Baatein
    Nayi Purani Raatein
    Dil ko kurechta Intezar
    Mann ko satata Lamha

    On that Contrary, This above was a good post!