Sunday, January 17, 2010


I wish if i get those days back...While getting up a sunny,bright morning i'll tell FULTU "Idiot,get up!" And then she would be like so hurry in everything as if the time is running.We would get our breakfast by 8am and would run across NH42 to investigate whether jesus's been woken up for us or not.Those small curvy ups-and-downs through the hilly street and while going through them we both would scream"RU-BA-RU.,...ROSHNI..HEYYY!!".We both were of the-giving-damn-attitude to the hostel rules and along with that the fundamental demands of the society.Then it comes the church gate,the-again-narrow-street leading to it,the beautiful tulip flowers,at last the father strolling there with mouth full of smile.Each time we would see jesus's woken up before us..:).A maximum of 15 minutes of silence would prevail over there.Then the signal would come up for a new hang out area.As we leave the place,one of us would discover "the other way" to reach the hostel.In fact the mission is to miss the class by showing others that we are late!!Henceforth the mission discovery would continue for the next couple of hours along those dhenku paths..So we prove ourself by being late.Again those insti cafeteria moments would be calling us.Specially the staircase behind the cafeteria is just amazing.We both prefer to be there as we don't like the crowd inside it.Sipping some cola discussing all the issues of the country as if we are into the presidential posts...:)..And when again we coincide we would scream again.."RU-BA-RU.....ROSHNI..HEYYY!!"...sigh!!


  1. hmmm..itss sooo nyc...those days....i wish i cud go bak...neways..colge dayssss...colge dayssssssss.............rockin mam...

  2. @miki...hmm idiot...remember d 1st yr days we four in room no 221..dat rocket!!i n ful2...hehe...n u woke up wid a zombie look....!!missing everything.:(