Friday, January 22, 2010


Uhmm...ohhh...ok...what...ehh..huh...Again!...Done. Well,then let me share some of the whackiest,weirdest(Not obviously the water-cooler moment!) facts i discovered on the page of wikipedia sharing some bytes.

Not to promise,that i may bore some of you again with some of the crappy,crawling stuffs as they say in a night full of rock on!I agree I sometimes show up with my grandiloquent words bullying some people.But believe me,the time is gone.And this time I promise you,I surely want you readers to realize how much can I screw more than the previous posts ever.I may not be the bad,but then I promise I can be the worst.It’s all your gratitude that you have come up with one or two or no comments at maximum on my posts(to all of the bloggers who jump to my land to investigate the real me and then end up with a question mark).This time abviously I will not show up again with the smileys as per bachi karkaria in my previous posts.Not even the vocabs,before 3 or 4 posts recently.Cause there are already lots and lots of holes,burnt inside my brain(Hope in yours too).

Okay,Okay.In the end the fact is here.That little thing in the Littlewood’s law make me go abandon though.The romance between the exceptional event and the unexceptional event.Not like that as you think of Brad pitt and Angelina!!According to Littlewood “THE MIRACLE” or “THE VERY EXCEPTIONAL EVENT” occur at a frequency of one in a million.And as the wiki says a human(that’s us.) is awake/conscious eight hours per day and along with that it can experience one event per one second(exceptional or unexceptional).And so on one can experience a total of 1,008,000 events in 35 days.Hmm..So the question here is how many of them are exceptional and how many of them are unexceptional? Going through the probabilities one can experience 1,007,999 unexceptional events…..Wait!!That leads to “ONE, A GREAT ONE!!” exceptional demanded event…Well it’s not about “EUREKA” again…It’s the “mind power made easy“ book that you have to mug up.Just be sure what you want and practice the above book and in the end contact Littlewood if you don’t achieve the miracle.But the elusive miracle about which you seem to be damn interested should have a clear aspect in those 35 days of delivery.

Anyway!Today is 23rd January.I am thinking of that elusive miracle what I want to have.Till then you be assured none of a single cell of your brain is unaffected.

NB:Everything in the mart is pretty hyped up.Except the Unexceptional event!!


  1. well dear u suck in singing but m tellin u dat u don suck at posting....its really a good post nd day by day u r just gettin better....well i m good at singing but i suck at posting(vice versa lolllllllzzzzzzzzz)

  2. hey dearie..ur words r fabulous..i dun kno wot oder thinks..huh..leave it na.u keep goiin...chal bye.

  3. really prerogative and grandiloquent....