Sunday, January 17, 2010

I DREAMT OF.....:)

Has anybody of you remembered any of your childhood dream or passion to be like an actor/pilot/photographer/chef/miss world etc etc?Yeah those were quite outrageous!But as the time flew away we had to forget all of them being trained to be a rat going along with what our parents/society demands in a conventional way!
Well,here goes my secret childhood as it continues in some corner of my mind,heart and vision!I always dreamt of being an anchor-interviewer-journalist-writer-photographer-psychiatrist.But i never wanted to be a doctor.Are they still providing any kind of job which combines all the above categorises?I was often addicted of knowing about lots of personality.I remember those redcross,NCC camps,interschool compititions where i would be like interacting with lots of friends and trying to make their silhouettes.My friend circle was of a huge bunch,those i forgot most of them as the time passed.:(.I remember how wild this passion was.It started somewhere near between class V and VI.Was a die-hard fan of Aamir khan.Starting from collecting his photos,biography to those statements what he had made before any paparazzo(of my category.).I dreamt of lots and lots of taking his interview along with Reena(And now it is Kiran.I love her creativity sense..:)).Then the next morning i would bug and bore my sis describing each and every scene including some added innovative successful climax of my own.After all who would like to listen some incomplete/failed story!!Well,i remembered those inspiring dialogues of aamir while he was buckling up for a marathon(in my dream ofcourse,i being the interviewer!:) )And when next morning didi asked "Where was i in your dream?".."Just right next to aamir!"..I retorted!She completed her remark "As you have seen in the early morning time,it's gonna happen.Wait and watch dear!".HAHA.Poor sis.:P.I could smell one soul being completely satisfied though!Then came the struggling life/reality as we call it.Believe me,most of the time after my schooling i almost forgot those dreams,but i am not able to realise the reality yet.As the days are passing i am recalling the days and those dreams (like with aamir,[like with nandita das-one of my role model..i simply adore her irrespective of anything],like with rahul bose,corrs,barkha,homi jahangir bhaba,atal bihari bajpayeeji(in one dream i saw him as my grandpa..:)And the list went on!) and reading out the interviews being taken by somebodyelse.Making me nostalgic...But then the fake engineer would scream out of my soul"C'MMOONN! Give yourself a break.Your sweetest sis cann't ever be wrong.You are on a waiting list!!!"...HUM KHUSH HUYEIN!!...The imaginary "I" would say then...:)..


  1. During reading this one,without my concern I went back to my childhood...& it resembles a lot with mine dear....
    yadein taaza ho u dear...

  2. @surupa...hey yaar...hmm so nostalgic were moments of those days..wish i could be a child again dreaming the whole day of some new stars......luv u too yaar..take care.