Saturday, December 25, 2010

Out Of The Fallacy!!!

Merry Christmas!
This time it's a feel of completeness!!I have been into the techies and the client interaction techniques and all in all into a very well transformed world.Or guys you can say it has become the JAZZ of the life that i have ever aspired of!!I do frog sometimes,But then again i can see the sparkling eyes around my cubicle and their expectation in me.As soon as the fellas come around to me with the slow stiffed gait,a feel of consciousness arises in me.And now I just feel the world revolving with a high speed and the things i have to write...It's just surreal.(Today i just had a good time at the ST ALPHONSUS CHURCH at Banjara Hills.)

Like the Nassim Nicolas Taleb language it is epistemocracy That has pulled me into it.I have been so particular in the things i deal with that while runningfor the 10H at the 9.20pm at the gachibowli square,i have to sort out my frnds problem so that it would not be of much pain in the a** at home while having a proper dinner.So its just matters a lot at the end of the day,"Being Happy"! And this is like one american says "I am Happy" with just the head being tilted 45 degrees towards the gravitational pull.So here goes with a good start off for the new year.Listing out my resolutions.
(1).Going for swimming this time. :)
(2).Peoplesoft is my bible these days,And i am positive about i being a good techie this time.
(3).Whatever the goddamn situation it may be,I will talk to my momma on a daily basis.
(4).On a trial of lowering my prevailed usage of slangs. ;)
(5).Weekends should meant for Guitar Practice.(not being the bollcks!)
(6).At the end of the day a page from any of the books should be read up.
(7).I should avoid of watching those cheeky flicks with the friends,rather than going for a substantial one all alone.
(8).The concept of "Pay It Forward" should be my weekly schedule.
(9).Ignore the stroppy cows in my chats.
(10).Last but not the least i will try my best to avoid the chichken drumsticks..Will give a visit to Pink Elephant on a monthly basis.
So i guess all of you into Good Times by Tommy Lee..Wish you a Superb New Year ahead!

Au Revoir! :)

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