Sunday, December 18, 2011


I scooted it all,after hearing back from my roomie.The best of the moronic day it was.When you just wake up and feel like,for nothing you don't want to step into office.There is this post-Up In The Air fauxmey feeling all around.You just realise the hopelessness of not being into any of the ropes.There is somebody inside of you always grunting being into economic insecurity in the company & Over-hyped,over-priced entrance examinations.You console yourself again and again,watching 'The Perfect Score'.If i would be framed into a hypothetically-conditioned movie,it would be just far better than when life happens.So anyway,how it goes.Thanks to the bonkers around.Who at this screwy place still believes,good's gonna work out.We are the tiny people,yet of infinite power.This is the law of attraction,that's how it goes all around.Winston Churchill said 'It's you,who create your own universe as you go along'.So all that I had to do is shift my awareness and really believe for my wishes come true.Peter out other news in the world,and go for the exam though it's over-hyped and else.Christmas and New Year's ahead.It ain't matter what's happening and what's going to turn up.All one has to look for is look inside your mind and figure out.Out of list of movies 'The Secret' made my next day.Happily done with the exam.There is a power in what we focus.The trial of being a philistine,watching glass-half-full shits & making the Danny DeVito movie may be tough,but rest is no biggie.

It's 'The Polar Express' time approaching :)

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