Saturday, January 8, 2011


Somebody the other day said "Children are unmoulded.And as we pass through different phases of life we get moulded and hardened."What i was before no idea.What is happening right now is "Moulding".You aughta be Camouflaged.The unsavoury personality may be the trend what is going on these days,But ultimately we have to be a "Multiple constraints parameter".The last evening i missed my maa.Felt like going to school again with her and Speak out in the ex-tempore.Gone are those days.

Succint advices would better go off of now,
callowness would jump over upto the bow.

Her smile's cogentness covered to the tee,
The petrified pugilist doffed,what a plea!

Quiddity and the siesta were clanned the whole of my day,
Oh baby,You are into her warmth while at play!

Furtile and furtile were those questions to world,
She likes the gaucheries and answering the barred. :)

I complaisantly impugned her abruptly now and then,
She forfended all of them,in mores and she's an indian.

Gay,Peccadillos and ran after the rags,
Bozo's maquillage,and all that drags.

Life's the best when you looked at me,
O'Momma why did you make me away so imshi.

I miss you sweetheart.Oh,Momma!

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