Saturday, January 22, 2011

Does It Ring A Bell ?!

I am stucked as usual.An eisegesis about the Life,I (We) am into,Do i need it or do i aspire it ever?10 years down the line if ever we are looking back and thinking that is this the same life i wished ever or with full of grumpiness to avoid all that i will have at that point.Evaluating and Judging and again being into the gordian knot.Is this the sanity IT,that the technology aspires me or is there the Other ambitions that should pull me away.Maintening a gravity and keeping the hold of it,looks simple.But while working on it does betray infact all the time.THANK-YOU-MAA'M is a rovering substance here.Let us just hold on for a sec and give a deep thought.Ciao Fellas.

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