Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not Fooled By Randomness!

Let's call it an amplified versatility, Or Let's just call it a disorder,Multiple personality disorder.As my perception differs here and like everybody's does.
Call IT:Ogling the PC,all the time.Doing the jobs smartly and "slugging" the whole day.Peevish people and peevish reactions."Smarty and geeky people" and geeky plain replies (They call it a S.I.M.P.LE.T.O.N).Talkative funky bunch and i rule over.MORONS & MORONS!(Mark that impetus balances here at both the side.)
Call Home:Obliged daughter,momma's best daughter.Papa would like to advice till to be perfect(I tried but as such a BIG Failure in his spartan's life).My di's shoes and I'm a wrong feet.An artic ocean and the North Glacier.
Call Society:3 Hours of socialism and run away.Esoteric room and Binging Lonely land discovery.Too generous to Unknowns.Innovision is implemented here.Constraintless factors.World comes to a flat paraphernalia.Science and literature both would excel here.
Animals,They communicates the best!Can be with my six senses.An accurate prognostication.Alice In Wonderland and No Mad Hatter. :)

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  1. jazz..thsz nice..i did nt understand a major part of it though !! dun ask me how did i like it despite not understandn it :|!!

    Highly Esoteric!